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A small bump is not such a big issue

Scratched car paint on rear body caused by accident

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There are so many cars on the road today that car parks have been made tighter to allow more vehicles spaces to be available resulting in it being more difficult to park cleanly and often vehicles become damaged.

Anti-parking systems are in place and often we do not see these resulting in damage to bumpers. Historically damage to cars was a hindrance due to having to drop a vehicle off and being without transport for sometimes a few days whilst the repairs took place.

Today there are smart repair companies that come to your home re work place and can carry out bumpers repairs, scratch repairs, dents repairs and even alloy wheel repairs with no hassle.

Bumper Scuffs, Scratches and Dents Repaired At Your Home or Office

There are many companies providing repair services for Bumper scuffs, scratches and dents all repaired at your home or office and the costs can be as low as £100.

This is a now common occurrence

I went to the cinema last night and when I came out afterwards, I noticed a bit of a scratch to my bumper that had definitely not been there before.

It seems another car has scratched/rubbed against it while parking or reversing out. Naturally no note of apology or anything like that.

This can now be rectified quickly.




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